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    Hi, my name is Marjolein, thank you for visiting my website!

    My love for bags and pouches, that is what actually started my label May & Bahru. As a kid I always loved bags and everything else you can keep your belongings in, and I still do.

    In 2013 I did my first sewing course in Amsterdam, learning to make bags. Then I moved to Singapore, where I currently live with my husband Joris and our 3 kids, Emma, Splynter, and little Morris. Here in Singapore I did many more courses. I really like the creative process, designing a new piece and to actually make it.

    So I started May & Bahru, totally different from the marketing jobs I had back in The Netherlands, and I love it.

    At first only bags, but after a while I added cushions to the May & Bahru collection as I had many friends looking for (but not finding) simple, but elegant cushions covers.

    My aim is not to make a thousand pieces of the same design, but to keep experimenting with different kinds of fabric and new designs. I want to offer good quality products in limited editions. Practical products with a sturdy but stylish look, with happy details.

    All pieces are handcrafted here in Singapore and customization is always discussable. All bag combinations, can also be cushion combinations.

    Let me hear what you need and what your ideas are and I would love to think with you to create items that suit your wishes!

    Just drop me a message at hello@mayandbahru.com



    Morris in beach bag