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    Hi there!

    The bags I make to order are my favourite bags to make! Unfortunately I will be relocating end of June, so I can not take any custom orders at the moment. Hopefully you will find a bag or cushion you like which is already made. Check out our discounted items! Thanks so much for considering a custom made bag though!

    XOXO Marjolein



    There are a few steps to designing your own bag.

    STEP 1: Pick a size (Tote; Beach Bag; Beach XL; Diaper Bag; or any a custom size)

    STEP 2: Pick a colour for the outside. Most colours can be found on the website, if you are looking for something else, just let me know.

    STEP 3: Pick a funky lining. I have quite a few of these and not all of them are on the website as the variety changes quite a bit too. So just let me know what you like and I will send you some examples.

    Easiest way is for you to just send me a message at hello@mayandbahru.com with all your wishes and questions and we'll take it from there to form your perfect bag!

    Design your own bag May & Bahru - Boutiques fair november