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    Currently all prices are still shown in Singapore dollars. You can email me at hello@mayandbahru.com to check out the price in Euro's or multiply the amount in SGD by 0.65 to calculate the amount in EUR. Sorry for this inconvenience, we are working on fixing this!

    For now, when you want to make an order, we can arrange payment by tikkie or bank transfer.


    We offer the following payment methods:


    We use PayPal as this is the most secure system.

    PayPal is a system, which serves as an intermediar for online payments. You can link your bank account or creditcard to PayPal, or you can deposit cash in your PayPal account.

    You can use PayPal without making an account, this way you just pay with your credit card on the Paypal site. You can choose this option when entering your details.

    If you decide to use PayPal as payment method, you will be directed to the PayPal login page. Once you are logged in, you will be directed to the payment page. This screen includes a description of the ordered products and the transaction amount.



    You can also make payment through bank transfer or tikkie. Please note, we will only ship the order when the amount has been received by our bank. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please email us at hello@mayandbahru.com